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PlasmaCut Plasmaskjærebord Seron

Art.nr: 125-1009
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Produktet er midlertidig utsolgt. Dersom du ønsker å motta en epost når vi får det inn på lager, kan du legge igjen epostadressen din i skjemaet under.

Vi leverer plasmaskjærebord fra SERON Polen. Størrelser som kan leveres er X: 1550, 2050 mm; Y: 3050, 4050, 6050 mm.
De kan også leveres med roterende akse, m.m. 

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Plasmabordet PlasmaCut er en professionell CNC-maskin for industribruk, til å kutte metallplater, og også opsjon til å kutte rør og profiler. Den solide strukturen, kombinert med funksjonell kontroll gir en maskin som er pålitelig i mange år. 

Teknisk informasjon:

Arbeidsområde X: 1550, 2050 mm; Y: 3050, 4050, 6050 mm
Gate klaring 200 – 500 mm
Arbeidshastighet 40 m/min
Drivere X, Y, Z helical racks
Bearing Trapezoidal rails 20 TBI
Type bord Vannbord, utdragsbord 
Max kapasitet på bordet 500kg/m2
Andre opsjoner Roterende akse, utvidet portal, syrefast stål vannkar.


High precision and work safety

As a machine manufacturer, we know exactly what industrial companies need. Based on our own and our users’ experience, we have developed solutions to increase the efficiency of production plants.
Our plasma cutter’s are equipped only with components from reputable and proven brands, which ensures their reliability and work safety. The implemented technological solutions help to optimize production processes.
We attach great importance to the operator’s safety and comfort, therefore, at the torch, we install a cover that is lowered during cutting. It stops the radiation of the plasma arc harmful to eyesight and the splashes of liquid metal.


Designs of plasma plotters are made of welded steel with ribbing of individual elements, which allows for high kinematic parameters. The dimensional accuracy of the machine is guaranteed by the machining process from one clamping and subsequent stress relief processes. Depending on the selected configuration, the design of the table may vary. We offer both a water table and an extraction table. Each of them uses ball guides to facilitate material loading. Additionally, regardless of the selected type of table for cutting flat sheets, the cutter can be equipped with a turntable for cutting pipes and profiles. Learn more about the construction »

Advantages of water tables

  • material cooling to reduce deformation of sheets with thinner thicknesses
  • reduces the emission of harmful gases generated during processing
  • smooth cut edge line
  • effective filtering and ventilation when using professional liquids
  • quieter cutting in the water surface
  • economical to purchase and use later
  • sectional structure of inserts for easy cleaning

Advantages of extraction tables

  • integrated control system of the extraction sections to maximize the effectiveness of extracting dust and gases from the cutting site
  • safe, maintenance-free gas filtering
  • sliding drawers for small post-processing waste
  • excellent edge quality
  • sectional structure of inserts for easy cleaning


The professional world-class control that has been implemented in our cutters is ergonomic and functional. Uses a protocol that enables two-way communication with components. This allows the parameters of the main components of the machine to be monitored and actively corrected. It has many built-in functions to optimize machining processes, reducing production costs. Learn more about control »

Cutting parameters

Source type Quality cutting Piercing From the edge
Powermax 65A 20 mm 16 mm 32 mm
Powermax 85A 25 mm 19 mm 38 mm
Powermax 105A 32 mm 22 mm 50 mm
Powermax 125A 38 mm 25 mm 57 mm
MaxPRO 200 50 mm 32 mm 75 mm
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